Medium Sheep Bowl


…three is a crowd …

Medium Bowl decorated with the witty Sheep, beautifully finished with a high gloss glaze, handmade from white earthenware clay, hand painted by Award Winning Irish Ceramic Artist Charlie Mahon, who likes to marry design with fine art and interiors practicality.

…a beautiful piece of pottery, that will compliment any table, whether you want to use it for a main course or as a serving dish, a very popular and practical piece, it will shine as a piece on its own or complimenting your settings…

Measurements – 22cm x 11cm

What a great way to capture the sense of Ireland with a sense of humour!  This ‘Witty Sheep’ depicts many a car journey across the glens and hills of the Irish countryside, where you come across the sheep in the middle of the road only to saunter to the edge whilst glaring at you for disturbing them in their daily jaunt!  Many’s the belly laugh we have had as a result of this.

Dimensions 22 × 22 × 11 cm
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