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Bringing art to ceramics, award winning ceramic artist Charlie Mahon likes to use clay as the medium and colourful glazes to tell the story, be it real or imagined.  His images convey a character that is living in a place which gives a sense of wonder and this draws the viewer in. Their interpretation may be personal or a blend of the viewer’s and Charlie’s individual ideas.  The combination of that practicality and his artistic gift is what makes Charlie’s work so memorable.  His playful use of colour shows us a wonderful sense of humour along with an unconventional outlook on life.  You are saturated by colour when you see his work, be it wall ceramics, paintings, teapots, urns, mugs, lamps, platters.  There is always more than one story to his work. Hopefully you will enjoy viewing his latest sculptures and paintings along with viewing his archives.

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M: + 353 85 7235171

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